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This is a website for collectors of whisky jugs (or water jugs, whiskey jugs), pub jugs and other breweriana that are available for sale. If you already have a collection or are thinking of starting one, we may have something to interest you. You may just be looking for a special jug to put 'a drop in the dram' of your favourite whisky!

The main areas these pottery and ceramic jugs relate to are the various Scottish and Irish whisky distilleries. Some collectors tend to specialise in malt whiskies, others collect them all and this site covers jugs from beers and breweries, cigarettes and other spirits and liquors.

As well as jugs, we also hold stocks of other whisky and breweriana items, including advertising figures, ashtrays and match strikers.

We are in touch with collectors from all over the world, and cater for all needs and budgets so please feel free to contact us especially if you're looking for items from a certain brand of whisky or a special jug. We are also always happy to hear from people who have individual items or collections to sell. items on these pages are described and photographed as accurately as possible, but if any further information is required please just ask, we are only too willing to help.

Although we only list items that are in premium condition, we do have items that are chipped, cracked or a little worse for wear that we have come by when buying whole collections. So if you want any water jugs that will display very nicely but are not quite perfect or just to boost your collection cheaply get in touch!

We hope you enjoy our website and continue to have a drop in your favorite dram!


Whisky Jugs were born initially as a marketing and promotional tool. Whisky lovers like to add a little drop in the dram to soften the alcohol and sometimes mellow the overall taste. Over the last two hundred years, these 'Water Jugs' or 'Pub Jugs' have been given away free by distilleries to promote their products.

Other advertising jugs or water pitchers (American) are still used to serve water, and more commonly have been used to promote the sales of beers, wines, cigarettes and liquors.

The use of jugs as an advertising tool has led to an increase in their production 0 which in turn has led to the many differing designs, colours, shapes and sizes. This has also seen them become increasingly collectable. There collectability is also due to the fact that many famous and renowned manufacturers have been enlisted to produce these jugs. Royal Doulton, Wade, Seton Pottery, T G Green, Minton, Shelly and Buchan to mention just a few, all produced jugs for the large distilleries and breweries, with their own individual designs and shapes which easily identifies their company and product.

Whisky Jugs may be found almost anywhere from antique shops, auctions, flea markets to charity shops and car boot sales and of course on this site!

Prices for jugs can range from as little as a few pence to thousands of pounds making this an affordable hobby for any budget.

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